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HOON CAPITAL  A Six Part Series (Hilights screening soon on Bogan Hunters Bathurst Special 7mate)


Hoon Capital: a documentary

‘See you on the road, skag. See you like we saw your friend, The Nightrider.’  Mad Max (1979)

With a blend of ‘reality Mad Max’ and the seamy underbelly of suburbia, Hoon Capital is a definitive study of Hoons in Australia. Directed by Aaron Stevenson and featuring Bathurst Veterans, Butchers and Boganologists, Hoon Capital has been ten years in the making and is set to change the way we look at doughies and fluffy dice forever.  From footage of the notorious ‘bull pit’ at Bathurst to the contemporary back roads of suburban Bendigo, this documentary places you firmly in the passenger seat and takes you on a journey into a subculture vilified by the popular media. Even if you’re not interested in cars and car culture, this documentary is a must see, as we watch bogans, hoons and blokes strap in for the short ride to impoundment.      

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